hp 7906b 7906d disc drive

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HP 7906 Disc Drive 20 Meg

Crisis Computer provides sales, repair, service and support for the Hewlett Packard HP 7906D 7906B 7906A and other MAC disc drives.

The HP 7906 (A B D H) was available in both rack-mounted and cabinet versions. The 7906M (M=Master) and 7906MR (R=rack-mount) included a disc drive controller, the 13037. The 7906S and 7906SR were slave drives. The 7906 had a total formatted capacity of 19.6 Mb, half of which was fixed and the other half removable. The fixed platter upper surface was encoded with servo code, while the lower surface was used for data storage capacity 10 meg. The removable cartridge had 5 meg of storage on the upper and lower surface. The 7906 had an average random seek time of 25ms and a burst data transfer rate of 937.5K/sec.

The usual disc controller was a HP 13037 (A B C) MAC (Multi Access Controller). Which could support 8 disc drives and 8 CPU's concurrently.

The 7906 was also available in a "H" version. The 7906H configuration replaced the normal I/O sector pca (within the 06's card cage) with an ICD (Intergrated Controller Device) board set. This allowed the 7906 to be used directly via an HP-IB interface.

HP part numbers common to the 7906 disk drive.

  • HP 07906-60001 I/O Sector pca
  • HP 07906-60002 Control pca
  • HP 07906-60003 Servo pca
  • HP 07906-60004 Track Follower pca
  • HP 07906-60005 Power Motor Regulator
  • HP 07906-60006 Pre-Amp pca
  • HP 07905-60024 Up Head
  • HP 07905-60025 Down Head
  • HP 07905-60026 Servo head
  • HP 07906-60010 Data Head
  • HP 07906-60095 Power Motor Regulator

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